The doc­trine of the immor­ta­lity of the soul divi­des into three bran­ches : the pure immor­ta­lity branch, the sim­ple change of habi­ta­tion branch, and the metem­psy­cho­sis branch : in other words, the sys­tem of the Christians, the sys­tem of the Scythians, and the sys­tem of the Indians. We have just dis­cus­sed the first two, and I will say of the third that, as it has been well and ill direc­ted, in the Indies it has good and bad effects ; as it gives men a cer­tain hor­ror for the shed­ding of blood, there are very few mur­ders in the Indies ; and while they hardly punish by death, eve­ryone there is tran­quil.

On the other hand, women burn them­sel­ves upon the death of their hus­bands ; only inno­cents there suf­fer a vio­lent death.