List of characters

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The principals



In the Isfahan seraglio

Usbek’s wives : Fatmé, Roxane, Zachi, Zelis, Zephis

Principle black eunuch = principle eunuch = chief of the black eunuchs = great black eunuch = great eunuch

Jaron, black eunuch

principal white eunuch

Pharan, black slave

Narsit, black eunuch

Solim, black eunuch

Other letter-writers

Rustan (in Isfahan), Mirza (in Isfahan), Muhammed-Ali, mullah (in Com), Ibben (in Smyrna), Rhedi, Ibben’s nephew (in Venice), Hagi Ibbi (in Paris), Nargum (Persian envoyé in Muscovie)

Silent recipients

Nessir (in Isfahan), Ibbi, freed slave of Usbek, Gemschid, cousin of Usbek, dervich (in Tauris), Ben Josué, converted Jew (in Smyrna), Usbak’s brother, a fakir (in Casbin), Hassein, dervich (in Jaron), Nathanial Lévi, Jewish physician (in Livorno)

Other Persian characters mentioned

Cosrou (white eunuch), Nadir (white eunuch), Zelide (slave of Zephis, then of Zelis), Usbek’s brother (governor of Mazenderan), Usbek’s mother, Rica’s mother, Roxane’s mother, Ismael, black slave