In some coun­tries of Italy, laws have been crea­ted to pre­vent sub­jects from sel­ling par­cels of land in order to move their money to foreign coun­tries. Such laws could be good when the wealth of each state was so much its own that it was very dif­fi­cult to get it trans­fer­red to ano­ther. But since by the use of the exchange wealth belongs in a sense to no par­ti­cu­lar state, and is so easy to move from one coun­try to ano­ther, it is a bad law that does not allow a per­son to dis­pose of his land hol­dings for his busi­ness, when he can dis­pose of his money. This law is bad because it gives an advan­tage to mobile assets over land, because it dis­cou­ra­ges forei­gners from coming to set­tle in the coun­try, and finally because it can be cir­cum­ven­ted.