In sta­tes that prac­tice com­merce of eco­nomy, a free port can be esta­bli­shed. The eco­nomy of the state, which always fol­lows the fru­ga­lity of indi­vi­duals, lends its soul, so to speak, to its com­merce of eco­nomy. What it loses in tri­bu­tes by the esta­blish­ment men­tio­ned here is com­pen­sa­ted for by what it can derive from the indus­trious wealth of the repu­blic. But in the monar­chi­cal govern­ment, such esta­blish­ments would be coun­ter to rea­son ; they would have no other effect than to relieve luxury of the bur­den of taxes. This would be to renounce the sole bene­fit this luxury can sup­ply, and the sole res­traint which under such a cons­ti­tu­tion it can receive.