England has no set tariffs with other nations ; her tariff chan­ges, so to speak, with each par­lia­ment, with the par­ti­cu­lar duties which she remo­ves or impo­ses. She has wished still to pre­serve her inde­pen­dence on that score. Supremely jea­lous of the tra­ding that occurs there, she binds her­self lit­tle by trea­ties, and relies only on her laws.

Other nations make inte­rests of com­merce yield to poli­ti­cal inte­rests ; this one has always made her poli­ti­cal inte­rests yield to the inte­rests of her com­merce.

It is the one peo­ple on earth that has best mana­ged to take advan­tage of these three great things all at once : reli­gion, com­merce, and liberty.