I would as soon say that reli­gion gives to those who pro­fess it a right to enslave those who do not so as to favor its pro­pa­ga­tion more effec­ti­vely.

It was this man­ner of thin­king that encou­ra­ged the des­troyers of America in their cri­mes.1 It was on this notion that they based the right to enslave so many peo­ples : for those bri­gands who abso­lu­tely wan­ted to be both bri­gands and Christians were very devout.

Louis XIII stron­gly resis­ted the law that made the Negroes in his colo­nies sla­ves, but once it was put into his head that it was the surest way to convert them, he agreed to it.2

See the history of the conquest of Mexico by Solis, and of the conquest of Peru by Garcilaso de la Vega.

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