I would as soon say that the right of sla­very comes from the contempt that one nation concei­ves for ano­ther, based on their dif­fe­rence of cus­toms.

Lopez de Gomara says that “near St. Martha the Spaniards found bas­kets in which the inha­bi­tants kept comes­ti­bles : there were crabs, snails, cica­das, gras­shop­pers. The vic­tors impu­ted this as a crime to the van­qui­shed.”1 The author conce­des that it was on this basis that they foun­ded the right to make the Americans sla­ves of the Spanish, besi­des the fact that they smo­ked tobacco, and did not trim their beards the way the Spaniards did.

Familiarity makes men accom­mo­da­ting, rea­son incli­nes to huma­nity ; only pre­ju­di­ces make a per­son renounce them.

Bibliothèque anglaise, vol. XIII, part 2, art. 3.