When the conquest is immense, it sup­po­ses des­po­tism. At that time, the army dis­per­sed through the pro­vin­ces does not suf­fice. The prince must cons­tantly be sur­roun­ded by a corps of loyal hench­men ever ready to strike at that part of the empire that could shake loose. This mili­tia must contain the others, and strike fear in all those to whom some autho­rity has neces­sa­rily been left in the empire. The empe­ror of China is sur­roun­ded by a large corps of Tartars ever ready when nee­ded. The Mogol, the Turks, and Japan have a corps in the prince’s pay, inde­pen­dently of what is main­tai­ned on income from the lands. These spe­cial for­ces keep the gene­ral for­ces in check.