Nouveau blog de recherche : projet de traduction en anglais de L’Esprit des lois

Par Philip Stewart

A new English trans­la­tion pro­ject for L’Esprit des lois

I am under­ta­king a new English trans­la­tion of Montesquieu’s “Esprit des lois” in an open for­mat. Progressive sam­ples of the ongoing trans­la­tion will be pos­ted and inte­res­ted par­ties (pri­ma­rily, no doubt, poli­ti­cal scien­tists and his­to­rians in English-spea­king coun­tries) will be invi­ted to cri­ti­que the trans­la­tion, post que­ries or com­ments, sug­gest other pos­si­bi­li­ties for par­ti­cu­lar pas­sa­ges. The refe­rence text will remain under my control but par­ti­ci­pa­tion will be encou­ra­ged through e-mails directly to me.

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