List of characters

The prin­ci­pals



In the Isfahan sera­glio

Usbek’s wives : Fatmé, Roxane, Zachi, Zelis, Zephis

Principle black eunuch = prin­ci­ple eunuch = chief of the black eunuchs = great black eunuch = great eunuch

Jaron, black eunuch

prin­ci­pal white eunuch

Pharan, black slave

Narsit, black eunuch

Solim, black eunuch

Other let­ter-wri­ters

Rustan (in Isfahan), Mirza (in Isfahan), Muhammed-Ali, mul­lah (in Com), Ibben (in Smyrna), Rhedi, Ibben’s nephew (in Venice), Hagi Ibbi (in Paris), Nargum (Persian envoyé in Muscovie)

Silent reci­pients

Nessir (in Isfahan), Ibbi, freed slave of Usbek, Gemschid, cou­sin of Usbek, der­vich (in Tauris), Ben Josué, conver­ted Jew (in Smyrna), Usbak’s bro­ther, a fakir (in Casbin), Hassein, der­vich (in Jaron), Nathanial Lévi, Jewish phy­si­cian (in Livorno)

Other Persian cha­rac­ters men­tio­ned Cosrou (white eunuch), Nadir (white eunuch), Zelide (slave of Zephis, then of Zelis), Usbek’s bro­ther (gover­nor of Mazenderan), Usbek’s mother, Rica’s mother, Roxane’s mother, Ismael, black slave