Usbek to Narsit in the sera­glio in Isfahan

Worm that you are, you have in your hands let­ters contai­ning urgent and vio­lent orders ; the sligh­test delay may cost me my last hope, and you remain calm under a vain pre­text ! There are hor­ri­ble things hap­pe­ning. Perhaps half my sla­ves deserve to die. I send you the let­ter which the prin­ci­pal eunuch wrote to me about that before he died. If you had ope­ned the package that is addres­sed to him, you would have found bloody orders in it : read these orders than, and you shall perish if you do not exe­cute them.1

*** this 25th day of the moon of Chalval 1718

As shown by letter 144, this order has no effect.