Letter 144

, par Stewart

Narsit to Usbek in Paris

Roxane and Zelis have desired to go to the country ; I did not think I should refuse them. Fortunate Usbek, you have faithful wives and vigilant slaves. I command in halls where virtue seems to have chosen a haven : be sure that nothing will take place here that your eyes could not bear.

There has been a misfortune that puts me in great difficulty. Some Armenian merchants [1] newly arrived in Isfahan had brought one of your letters for me ; I sent a slave to fetch it : he was robbed on his way back, so the letter has been lost. [2] So write to me quickly, for I imagine that in this changeover you must have things of consequence to tell me.

The Fatmé seraglio this 6th day of the moon of Rebiab I, 1719


[1Letter 25 had already indicated the role played by Armenian traders in the communications network.

[2This concerns letter 142.