Supplementary letter IX

, par Stewart

Zachi to Usbek in Paris [1]

Oh God, a barbarian has abused me even in the very manner of punishing me ! He applied to me that chastisement that first alarms modesty, that chastisement that places one in extreme humiliation, that chastisement which brings one back, so to speak, to childhood.

I immediately fainted at the shame, I was regaining consciousness and beginning to grow angry when my cries resounded through the vaults of my apartments. I was heard begging for mercy from the most abject of all humans, and tempting his pity as he became more inexorable.

Since that time, his insolent and servile soul has raised itself over mine. His presence, his glances, his words, and all manner of unhappiness comes to overwhelm me. When I am alone, I at least have the consolation of shedding tears ; but when my eyes lay hold of him, rage seizes me ; I find it impotent, and fall into despair.

The tiger dares to tell me that you are instigator of all these barbarities. He would like to take away my love, and profane the very sentiments of my heart. When he utters the name of the man I love, I can no longer protest ; I can only die.

I have borne your absence, and I have preserved my love by the strength of my love. Tbe nights, the days, the moments have all been for you. I was even conceited about my love, and yours made me respected here. But now… No, I can no longer bear the humiliation to which I have fallen. If I am innocent, come back for the love of me ; come back, if I am guilty, so I may die at your feet.

The Isfahan seraglio this 2nd day of the moon of Maharram 1720

[Supplementary Letter X of the 1758 edition would be placed here]

Supplementary Letter X