He indis­po­sed the bishops with sta­tu­tes that see­med rigid to them, because he went far­ther than they them­sel­ves wan­ted to go. Some very good laws are made inap­pro­pria­tely. The bishops, accus­to­med in those times to going to war against the Saracens and the Saxons, were very far from the monas­tic spi­rit. On the other hand, having lost all sorts of confi­dence for his nobi­lity, he ele­va­ted men of no stan­ding ; he depri­ved them of their posi­tions, sent them away from the palace, and cal­led on stran­gers. He had sepa­ra­ted him­self from those two bodies, and was aban­do­ned by them.