XXXI.6 Second era of the humiliation of kings of the first dynasty

Since the exe­cu­tion of Brunhilde, the mayors had been the admi­nis­tra­tors of the king­dom under the kings ; and though they had the conduct of war, the kings none­the­less led the armies, and the mayor and the nation fought under them. But the vic­tory of the duke Pépin1 against Theodoric and his mayor2 consum­ma­ted the deba­se­ment of kings ; the vic­tory won by Charles Martel over Chilperic and his mayor Rainfroy3 confir­med this deba­se­ment. Austrasia trium­phed twice over Neustria and Burgundy ; and the mayo­ralty of Astrasia being see­min­gly atta­ched to the family of the Pépins, that mayo­ralty rose over all the other mayo­ral­ties, and that house over all the other hou­ses. The vic­tors fea­red lest some accre­di­ted man seize the per­son of the kings to incite dis­tur­ban­ces. They held them in a royal house as in a sort of pri­son.4 Once a year they were shown to the peo­ple. There they issued ordi­nan­ces,5 but they were the mayor’s ; they replied to ambas­sa­dors, but they were the mayor’s replies. It was in this time that the his­to­rians speak to us of the govern­ment of mayors over the kings who were in sub­jec­tion to them.6

The mania of the nation for the Pépin family went so far that it elec­ted as mayor one of his grand­sons who was still a child7 ; it esta­bli­shed him over a cer­tain Dagobert, and put phan­tom over phan­tom.

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