XXX.6 On the Goths, the Burgundians, and the Franks

The Gauls were inva­ded by the Germanic nations. The Visigoths occu­pied Narbonne and almost all of the south ; the Burgundians esta­bli­shed them­sel­ves in the part facing east ; and the Franks, over time, conque­red the rest.

There can be no doubt that in their conquests these bar­ba­rians had pre­ser­ved the ways, the incli­na­tions, and the prac­ti­ces they had in their coun­try, because a nation does not change its way of thin­king and acting over­night. In Germania these peo­ples did lit­tle culti­va­tion of the land. We see from Tacitus and Cæsar that they were much enga­ged in the pas­to­ral life ; and indeed the pro­vi­sions of the bar­ba­rians’ codes of laws have almost enti­rely to do with flocks. Roricon, who was wri­ting his­tory among the Franks, was a she­pherd.