XXIII.12 On the number of girls and boys in different countries

I have already noted1 that in Europe there are rather more boys born than girls. It has been obser­ved that in Japan2 there were rather more girls born than boys : eve­ry­thing else being equal, there will be more fer­tile women, and conse­quently more peo­ple, in Japan than in Europe.

There are rela­tions which say that in Bantam there are ten girls for one boy3 : such dis­pro­por­tion, which would make the num­ber of fami­lies there, com­pa­red to those in other cli­ma­tes, as one is to five and a half, would be exces­sive. The fami­lies could be lar­ger, to be sure ; but there are few peo­ple well enough off to sup­port such a large family.

In book XVI, ch. iv.

See Kaempfer, who relates the enumeration of Miaco.

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