Father du Halde says that among the Tartars it is always the last of the males who inhe­rits, for the rea­son that, as the elder ones become able to live the pas­to­ral life, they leave the house with a cer­tain quan­tity of live­stock which the father gives them, and go found a new set­tle­ment. The last of the males to remain in the house with his father is the­re­fore his natu­ral heir.

I have heard it said that a simi­lar cus­tom was still obser­ved in some small dis­tricts of England. It is doubt­less a pas­to­ral law that came from some small Breton peo­ple, or was brought by some Germanic peo­ple. We know from Cæsar and Tacitus that the lat­ter did not culti­vate the land much.