One dif­fe­rence bet­ween savage peo­ples and bar­ba­rian peo­ples is that the for­mer are small, dis­per­sed nations which for some par­ti­cu­lar rea­sons can­not unite, whe­reas bar­ba­rians are ordi­na­rily small nations that can unite. The for­mer are ordi­na­rily peo­ples of hun­ters, the lat­ter she­pherds. This is clearly seen in the north of Asia. The peo­ples of Siberia could not pos­si­bly live assem­bled, because they would not be able to feed them­sel­ves ; the Tartars can live assem­bled for some while, because their herds can be gathe­red toge­ther for a while. All the hor­des can the­re­fore unite, and that hap­pens when one chief has defea­ted many others, after which they must do one of two things : either sepa­rate from each other, or go make some great conquest in some sou­thern empire