We must give the cæsars their due : they were not the first to ima­gine the sorry laws they made. It was Sulla1 who taught them that slan­de­rers should not be puni­shed ; soon they went so far as to reward them.2

Sulla made a law of majesty, which is mentioned in Cicero’s orations (Pro Cluentio, art. 3, In Pisonem, art. 21, second In Verrem, art. 5, Epistolæ ad familiares, book III, letter 11). Cæsar and Augustus inserted them into the Julian laws ; others added to them.

Et quo quis distinctior accusator eo magis honores assequebatur, ac veluti Sacrosanctus erat (Tacitus [Annals, book IV, ch. 36]).