The monar­chies we know do not, like the one we have been dis­cus­sing, have free­dom as their direct object ; they aim only at the glory of the citi­zens, the state, and the prince. But from that glory there results a spi­rit of free­dom which can achieve equally great things in those sta­tes, and per­haps contri­bute as much to their wel­fare, as free­dom itself.

There the three powers are not dis­tri­bu­ted and mel­ded on the model of the cons­ti­tu­tion we have been des­cri­bing ; each has a par­ti­cu­lar dis­tri­bu­tion in terms of which they more or less approxi­mate poli­ti­cal free­dom ; and if they did not approxi­mate it, the monar­chy would dege­ne­rate into des­po­tism.