All size, all strength, all power is rela­tive. A state is well advi­sed, in see­king to increase its real size, not to dimi­nish its rela­tive size.

Towards the middle of Louis XIV’s reign, France was at the pin­na­cle of her rela­tive size. Germany did not yet have the great monarchs which she has had since. The same was true of Italy. Scotland and England did not form monar­chi­cal body.1 Aragon did not form one with Castille2 ; the sepa­rate parts of Spain were wea­ke­ned by it, and wea­ke­ned it ; Muscovy was no bet­ter known in Europe than was Crimea.

[The United Kingdom formed by them began on 1 May 1707.]

[The union occurred in April 1707 after the Battle of Almansa.]