VIII.10 On corruption of the principle of despotic government

The prin­ci­ple of the des­po­tic govern­ment is cons­tantly being cor­rup­ted because it is its nature to be cor­rupt. Other govern­ments perish because par­ti­cu­lar acci­dents vio­late their prin­ci­ple ; this one peri­shes from its inner vice when some acci­den­tal cau­ses do not pre­vent its prin­ci­ple from cor­rup­ting. Therefore, it main­tains itself only when cir­cum­stan­ces drawn from cli­mate, reli­gion, and the situa­tion or the genius of the peo­ple, force it to fol­low some order and suf­fer some rule. These things force its nature without chan­ging it ; its fero­city remains, but for the time being it is tamed.