X.17 Continuation of the same subject

, par Stewart

We have said that the states which the despotic monarch conquers must be vassals. Historians outdo themselves praising the generosity of conquerors who have restored the crown to princes they had defeated. The Romans were thus very generous in creating kings everywhere in order to have instruments of servitude. [1] Such a move is a necessary act. If the conqueror keeps the conquered state, the governors he sends will not be able to contain their subjects, nor he his governors. He will be obliged to displace troops from his former patrimony to secure the new one. All the misfortunes of the two states will be shared ; the civil war of the one will be the civil war of the other. Now if, on the contrary, the conqueror returns the throne to the legitimate prince, he will have a necessary ally, who with his own forces will supplement his. We have just seen Shah Nadir conquer the treasures of the Mogol and leave him Hindustan.


[1Ut haberent instrumenta servitutis et reges [‘They held even kings to be instruments of servitude’].