VIII.18 That the monarchy of Spain was in a particular case

, par Stewart

Do not cite the example of Spain ; instead, it proves what I am saying. To keep America, she did what even despotism does not do : she wiped out all the inhabitants ; in order to preserve her colony, she had to keep it dependent for its very subsistence.

She tried despotism in the Netherlands [1] ; and as soon as she had abandoned them, her dilemmas grew. On one side, the Walloons did not want to be governed by the Spanish, and on the other, the Spanish soldiers did not want to obey the Walloon officers. [2]

She maintained her hold in Italy only by dint of enriching her and ruining herself. For those who would have rather been rid of the king of Spain were not for that ready to do without his money.


[1[The Spanish crown ruled there from 1556 to 1714.]

[2See the History of the United Provinces by M. [Jean] Le Clerc.